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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy in your account setup, or by using this service, you expressly consent to the information handling practices described in this notice.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We will not collect any personal information about you except when you knowingly provide it.

We obtain information, including personal information, from third parties such as social media or social network platforms for which you have explicitly connected to the Stream Publishing service (e.e., information from Facebook using the API services, Twitch, YouTube or any other platformat that we connect with). When you access the service through social media or social networks you are authorizing Stream Publishing to collect, store and use such information and content in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may also obtain information from third parties such as social media or social network platforms regarding your use of such services, including information about your use of the content you choose to broadcast through the service.

Please refer to privacy policy of the social media or social network platforms you use with this service (for example to Google Privacy Policy for YouTube). If we combine or associate information from other sources with personal information that we collect through this service, we will treat the combined information as personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How we use your information

To facilitate the Stream Publishing service, we obtain and use the stream channel name and key from each platform you have connected to the service.

We use the information we collect for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection or otherwise as set out in this PWe may use your connected account’s information and applicable permission to perform actions such as, but not limited to: “connecting”, “subscribing”, “following”, or “liking” only to or on the official Restream accounts associated with your connected social media or social network platform.

Who we share your data with

We do not share your personal information with other organizations.

Request deletion of account data

If you would like to delete all data associated with your account, then you can do so from the platform by:

  1. Login to the platform
  2. Select your streaming service
  3. Select Stream Targets
  4. Delete the stream target associated with your platform data

This action is irreversible.


Our website and it’s host offer the highest level of security and encryption by industry standards for the protection of the information travelling between your personal computer and our website.

Secured by an SSL Certificate and a third party gateway which is shown through using a “https” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) URL insures our website security against any unintended audiences The entire page content is transferred to your personal computer through an encrypted tunnel which is only decrypted upon arriving to your computer.

Your connection to this website, application and it’s services are secured by a 128-bit TLS encryption security certificate.